I had been looking forward to this session for several months. One of my best friends, Layne, is pregnant with her 4th little one! Her youngest is 5 and we got pretty close shortly after her daughter was born – so it has been really fun that we have gotten so close, and that we both get to experience pregnancy together for the first time but also the last time for both of us. She is 16 weeks ahead of me. Her baby boy, Banner Bryan, will be here in June (unless he decides to show up sooner!) so we made sure to go out and get some maternity photos before his arrival. This was Layne’s first time having maternity pics taken – and it was SO fun! Maternity sessions are truly some of my favorite sessions to photograph – it’s just such a special time and I love baby bumps – as we all know by now 😉

My dear friend, I am so grateful for these years we’ve become so close. You are so dear to my heart, and you are such a treasure to me! I am so excited to meet little Banner – and raise our sweet ones together through life’s up and downs. Praying your last days/weeks go by quickly and I can’t wait to take some photos at the hospital once he arrives. You are one beautiful pregnant momma my friend! Here are some of my personal favorites from our session.