I have been photographing these sweets boys since Lukas was about 9 months old. They are always so adorable and full of smiles and cuteness for me! I love watching my little clients grow and love when they know me and are comfortable with me. Here are some of my favorites from their spring mini session with me 🙂


This birth was extra special, as Banner is my best friend’s baby boy! I had been anxiously awaiting this little guy’s arrival for quite some time now 🙂 Many people ask me if you can still do a birth session if you have are having a c section and the answer is YES! 🙂

This was my first c section birth, and as you can see, there are still so many beautiful moments to be captured – it’s still YOUR birth story!

I absolutely love capturing births, they are truly so amazing to be a part of, such big moments in your life. I’m always honored when asked, and excited to photograph each birth story, as they are all different.

Here are some of my favorite moments from Banner’s birth….I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did capturing them!


In the beginning of this year an idea came to me for KHP, as I try to find ways to give back through my business each year. Some times that means God putting a particular family on my heart that I want to bless with a free photo session. Sometimes that means me giving away a free session on my Facebook page, just to say, ‘Thank You’ for the support of my fans and clients in my community. But the idea ‘Hope Twelve’ came to me one night in December, and I was really excited about it. My desire was to photograph a story of ‘Hope’ for each month of 2015, hence the name, “Hope Twelve.”

I wanted to capture different stories of Hope. It was a bit tricky as many times loss and hope go hand in hand, and I didn’t want the stories I captured to be focused on horrible tragedies that only made you want to grab the nearest tissue and cry for hours. I wanted someone to read the stories and SEE Hope too. I realized that this would still probably mean some tears may be shed, but that was ok. I just wanted HOPE to shine.

Well, early January, I photographed my first story of Hope for my project, it was emotional and beautiful all at once. You can scroll back to look at that blog post if you would like, sweet baby Nash. Then I got pregnant in January, and had a really rough 14 weeks of sickness – so my project kinda got put on the back burner. I was disappointed – but decided it was best not to push myself, and just photograph stories when I can.

A couple weeks ago I photographed my second story of Hope. A super incredible and sweet couple who after many years of infertility, were pregnant with TWINS! My personal struggle with infertility was only 6 months, and that seemed like forever, but they went years – with I believe losses during those years too. So to be pregnant with twins, two little boys, who they planned to name Liam and Lincoln – what a joy!

Forgive me as it’s now been a few weeks since I sat down and photographed this sweet family – so I’m forgetting some details – but around their 20 week ultrasound they got the devastating news that one of the twins no longer had a heartbeat. Oh the pain. I’ve been told those words before, “There’s no heartbeat” – and I know the ache. Yet my loss was earlier on, and my struggle wasn’t as tough as theirs. The doctors left them with very little hope that baby boy number two would survive or if he did, would come early, probably too early. They left with many emotions, and having to walk through so much grief, but they remained hopeful, and believing they would carry their precious baby boy to term.

I talked to mom a month or so after they lost one of their twins, just wanting to introduce myself, offer a free newborn session and tell them about Hope Twelve etc. and I felt such a connection to her, as she shared her story with me, and got choked up at times telling me everything. I got choked up also, as I know what it’s like to carry a baby, to be a mom, to lose a baby. My heart broke for them and I was hoping they would let me be a part of their story, by capturing their little guy when he arrived.

Mom said she would love for me to do that for them – so when mom emailed me to let me know that sweet Lincoln had arrived, I was SO excited! Due to my family going through months of ongoing sickness, I had to cancel our session several times, as I didn’t want to risk getting her little one getting sick. So I didn’t end up photographing him until he was a month old.

What a special time I had, getting to know mom and dad, and little Lincoln. I kept calling him ‘Lincoln Log’’ as I too have a Lincoln, and a nurse nicknamed him that in the hospital and it stuck 🙂 He was so sweet, and such a miracle and story of HOPE!

He ended up having a scary start to life too, that was unexpected and they could have lost him – so thank God he is so strong, and such a fighter and is doing well. We will never forget his sweet twin brother Liam – and it truly meant so much to me that mom allowed me to see photos of Liam when he was born (she delivered them both the same day, but Liam was much smaller, due to his growth stopping early, and Lincoln taking over in momma’s belly.) Sweet Liam, you will always be remembered and loved by your sweet family., and by me too. You will not be forgotten. You will always be missed and talked about.

It’s quite obvious the love this family has for their sweet boy. They are already incredible parents in my book! Thank you guys for allowing me to be a part of such a raw, emotional season in your lives. It truly meant so much, and I’m so glad I was able to capture these images for you.

Here’s a look into their new life, a very sweet one it is.


I absolutely love meeting and photographing new families. It warms my heart when people love my work and choose me to be their family photographer. It was so fun photographing this sweet family of three – they were so natural in front of the camera and photogenic! This was one of my spring mini sessions, but I had sooo many favorites they ended up getting lots of extra photos! Here’s a few of my favorites 🙂