Oh this sweet little one….he belongs to my best friend. Sweet little Banner was born on June 9th….which also happens to be the day my daughter was born. You know, us besties have babies on the same day….it’s how we roll 😉 I went to their home to do some lifestyle photos as well as some posed photos of just little man, like I used to do when I had my home studio. Special treatment for the best friend 😉

It was so special to be there for his birth and take photographs – and then do newborn photos also. My best friend’s dad passed away unexpectantly this past year – and so we knew we wanted to incorporate Grandpa Greg into Banner’s newborn session in someway. Greg was a big hunter and loved the outdoors, and Layne had the idea to use some antlers from one of his personal captures for some pics. I was praying I could figure out a way to incorporate them and be happy with them, and was pretty happy with how they turned out. Layne also has a red shirt of her dad’s that is sentimental to her, so I wrapped him up in Grandpa’s shirt for a few photos too. He is loved and missed and would have loved to meet his newest Grandson.

Take a look at this little sweetie. Oh so precious and perfect he is.

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