This beautiful momma has been a blessing to me! Melissa was both my son and daughter’s kindergarten teacher and oh how she made kindergarten such a great experience for both of them. Sending my first baby off to school full time was not easy – but she made it so much easier. Last year my daughter had a rough time adjusting – but Melissa truly went above and beyond to make her feel secure and comfortable, no matter how long it took. I am so grateful!!

My gift to my kids teachers last year was a gift certificate for a free family session with me. Melissa must have thanked me a million times and told me it was the best gift EVER! I photographed her gorgeous little family the week before school started up again – and we had the most gorgeous light this evening. I’m so thankful I was able to gift them with photos – such treasures.

I think Melissa has gotten the most photos out of all my clients so far, I just had sooo many favorites! Take a look and you can see why 🙂

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