My biggest inspiration in the Industry

As I’m sure you all know by now, Rachel Vanoven of Rachel Vanoven Photography is my favorite newborn and family photographer in the industry. Her work has always left me breathless! She makes her newborn work look effortless and let me tell you, it is NOT! I used to shoot posed newborn sessions when I had my studio and it takes a LOT of practice, patience and talent. Her work is always flawless. My dream was for Rachel to capture newborn photos of our sweet Brooklyn (who will be ONE in 3 days! Waaaa!).

I have Rachel’s awesome Family Workshop guide and am in her FB group for those who have purchased it and once our little lady arrived I posted in the group with a pic of my new princess and casually asked Rachel if she needed a beautiful newborn girl model for anything. I about passed out when she told me she was trying to think of a way to make it happen….and within an hour she said, “Let’s do this!!” and off to Indy I went a week or so later for my Brooklyn to be her very first newborn model for her awesome ‘Fly on the Wall’ workshops. It was truly a dream come true for me. I still can’t believe it!


Rachel is an amazing photographer and person. I just love her and am pretty much obsessed with all of her work. Her family work has always been my very favorite, her edits are just perfection and what I strive for my work to look like – with a bit of my own style mixed in too! So why the sappy post you ask??

Well, she JUST released her new updated RVP Family Guide (version two!) and I cannot recommend it enough! If you are a beginner photographer or maybe even a seasoned photographer, buy it!! I specialize in children and families and I am always eager to learn and grow in my work and her guide is an awesome tool to own!! You won’t be sorry. She is so giving of all her secrets and tips and it even includes videos of her shooting sessions, her editing process and more. Go buy it and come back and thank me later 😉

You can purchase it here: The Rachel Vanoven Family e-Workshop Guide 2

My dream (since she already fulfilled my other one by photographing my baby girl) is for her to capture my family. I know they would be photos I would cherish for the rest of my life. Everybody needs a little RVP hanging up on their walls, it’s a must!

Thank you Rachel for being such an inspiration to me in this industry. Your work truly is perfection in my eyes and it’s so wonderful to see such a talented photographer share her knowledge with us. THANK YOU for being awesome!!


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