As a newborn photographer, it is so special to me when clients welcome me into their homes to capture this new little life that is about to change their world. It’s such a magical (ok and let’s be honest, exhausting) time. I made the switch from posed studio newborns to lifestyle newborn photography about two years ago and I have enjoyed the change so much. Both styles are such art but I am really enjoying capturing newborns in their own home. The home where they will most likely take their first steps in and say their first words.

I feel like when Henry’s parents look back at these photos 20 years from now – they will cherish them even more then they do now – because it will take them back to those very moments when Henry was brand new. The house they brought Henry home to. The nursery where momma nursed her baby and the rocking chair dad rocked his little guy to sleep. It’s what drew me to lifestyle newborn photography. I want Brandon & Jenny to look at these images and instantly remember life with Henry as a baby.

My goal as a newborn photographer is for my clients to never forget life as it once was….for my photographs to freeze time for them…so when time has passed and life has gone on and their once tiny Henry is now headed off to kindergarten…high school…college…they can look back and almost put themselves in these moments.

As a mom of five I know just how quickly time goes by. I can remember the day my oldest was born as if it were yesterday – and yet he will be nine next month. Even during the months and years of sleep deprivation that comes along with having babies and sometimes make the days feel all so long, it really goes by too quickly.

So while this post is long overdue (blogging has totally been on the back burner for me this past year – but hey it’s a new year people, new resolutions right?:)) I want to say thank you to Brandon & Jenny for welcoming me into their gorgeous home to capture this sweet time. Soak it all in. facebook4facebook6facebook7facebook11facebook16facebook24facebook28facebook35facebook37facebook38facebook45facebook46facebook48facebook50facebook53facebook59facebook61facebook62facebook63


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