You guysss, I am the worst blogger ever. In my mind I have good intentions to keep up with blogging all these beautiful sessions but I’m officially a blog slacker. Forgive me!

When I met Denerio and Bethany they were strangers to me. We met at a Starbucks to chat about their birth plan and get comfortable with one another before the big day. I’m telling you what, by time I leave the hospital they don’t feel like strangers to me anymore, they feel like friends. There is a special bond that happens with my birth clients…I’ve come to realize it happens every time and I just love it!

Bethany was planning a all natural delivery at Providence Southfield’s Alternative Birthing Center. I keep in close contact with my birth clients leading up to their due date. I always have mom update me after prenatal appts in that last month and it starts getting so real and exciting! Every time I get a text I jump I get excited it may be time! Being a birth photographer is truly the biggest honor for me.

To know two people who were once strangers to me chose Keri Harrison Photography out of all the Michigan Birth Photographers to be there to welcome and document such a personal and intimate time in their lives truly means the world to me. Thank you Denerio and Bethany for the honor of capturing this beautiful time for you. Watching you two become parents is something I will never forget – you both were so strong through it all.

While Bethany planned a all natural birth, things didn’t happen that way. She was so strong through her labor and contractions but ended up needing a emergency c-section after many hours in labor. When my all natural birth plan mommas end up changing their plan or having to change their plan I always tell them, “It’s ok! A healthy baby and healthy momma is the end goal.” It doesn’t matter how baby comes. All natural. Medicated birth. Water birth. Home birth. Hospital birth. C-section. If momma and baby are doing well and healthy, that is all that matters in the end.

Denerio and Bethany, I have to tell you, I had probably the most fun I’ve ever had at a birth with your family. At one point when things slowed down Bethany was going to try and nap so I stepped out of the room for awhile and hung out with their amazing friends and family who filled up the waiting room. It was quite impressive how many were there waiting for the birth of this sweet girl’s arrival. It was super late at night, I was trying to edit and stay awake and their family was so fun and laughed for hours upon hours and shared all sorts of stories. It was the best!

Birth sessions are almost 100% candid shots. One of my very favorite moments of this birth session was when Denerio stepped out of the room so Bethany could get her epidural and the family said they wanted to gather together, hold hands and pray for mom and baby. It brought a tear to my eye and was one of those moments that reminded me that I truly have the best job everrrr.

It’s hard to believe you just turned one years old, sweet Laila Elaine. I hope you’ve made amazing memories with your wonderful parents your first year of life and I hope to see your beautiful face again in the future!

Much love,

Ps. Am I the only one who wants to get pregnant the second after viewing a birth session gallery?! The miracle of life, there is nothing sweeter!!



  1. You can see the great strength and beauty of mom! What a loved little one already!! So much love in that family!! You are a wonderful Michigan Birth Photographer Keri!!!


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