Another very special blog post. My dear cousin Heidi got married this past February. She had asked me to shoot the wedding, but at the time I was still nursing my little guy, and he didn’t take bottles and so I couldn’t commit to it as I needed to drive up the night before to Indiana from Michigan, and couldn’t bring him with me. I told her I would still shoot as many photos as I could at the wedding for her as a gift, but to hire another photographer. I ended up getting a lot of shots, which was so much fun!

She got married at Amish Acres which is this beautiful historic barn – it was amazing for a wedding and reception. By far the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to. I loved seeing both Adam’s parents and Heidi’s parents gathering around them during the ceremony to pray over them. So beautiful. I loved so many details of their wedding.

It was so great seeing lots of family, watching my kids have fun on the dance floor (and my sister in law was the DJ for the night!) and capture some of Heidi’s big day. She is such an amazing woman, and I used to joke with her that if she didn’t meet a awesome guy soon, I was going to sign her up for the Bachelorette 😉 Thankfully Adam came into her life soon after, and they are such a beautiful couple. It was a perfect day in every way, and I couldn’t have been more honored to capture these moments for my dear cousin who I’ve always been close to since we were young. Enjoy!

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