This sweet family sure is a special one to me. Brandon and Lindsay’s wedding was the very first one I photographed and I have captured newborn sessions, a birth and several family sessions of their sweet clan since!

I am still so behind on blogging my sessions so this last family session was done in June of 2016 and they were part of my family promo that I had filmed.

Listen up Obenour’s, you’ve added a kid since then and you are long overdue for a family session with KHP so let’s fix this soon! 🙂 2018-01-31_00012018-01-31_00022018-01-31_00032018-01-31_00042018-01-31_00052018-01-31_00062018-01-31_00072018-01-31_00082018-01-31_00092018-01-31_0010


You guysss, I am the worst blogger ever. In my mind I have good intentions to keep up with blogging all these beautiful sessions but I’m officially a blog slacker. Forgive me!

When I met Denerio and Bethany they were strangers to me. We met at a Starbucks to chat about their birth plan and get comfortable with one another before the big day. I’m telling you what, by time I leave the hospital they don’t feel like strangers to me anymore, they feel like friends. There is a special bond that happens with my birth clients…I’ve come to realize it happens every time and I just love it!

Bethany was planning a all natural delivery at Providence Southfield’s Alternative Birthing Center. I keep in close contact with my birth clients leading up to their due date. I always have mom update me after prenatal appts in that last month and it starts getting so real and exciting! Every time I get a text I jump I get excited it may be time! Being a birth photographer is truly the biggest honor for me.

To know two people who were once strangers to me chose Keri Harrison Photography out of all the Michigan Birth Photographers to be there to welcome and document such a personal and intimate time in their lives truly means the world to me. Thank you Denerio and Bethany for the honor of capturing this beautiful time for you. Watching you two become parents is something I will never forget – you both were so strong through it all.

While Bethany planned a all natural birth, things didn’t happen that way. She was so strong through her labor and contractions but ended up needing a emergency c-section after many hours in labor. When my all natural birth plan mommas end up changing their plan or having to change their plan I always tell them, “It’s ok! A healthy baby and healthy momma is the end goal.” It doesn’t matter how baby comes. All natural. Medicated birth. Water birth. Home birth. Hospital birth. C-section. If momma and baby are doing well and healthy, that is all that matters in the end.

Denerio and Bethany, I have to tell you, I had probably the most fun I’ve ever had at a birth with your family. At one point when things slowed down Bethany was going to try and nap so I stepped out of the room for awhile and hung out with their amazing friends and family who filled up the waiting room. It was quite impressive how many were there waiting for the birth of this sweet girl’s arrival. It was super late at night, I was trying to edit and stay awake and their family was so fun and laughed for hours upon hours and shared all sorts of stories. It was the best!

Birth sessions are almost 100% candid shots. One of my very favorite moments of this birth session was when Denerio stepped out of the room so Bethany could get her epidural and the family said they wanted to gather together, hold hands and pray for mom and baby. It brought a tear to my eye and was one of those moments that reminded me that I truly have the best job everrrr.

It’s hard to believe you just turned one years old, sweet Laila Elaine. I hope you’ve made amazing memories with your wonderful parents your first year of life and I hope to see your beautiful face again in the future!

Much love,

Ps. Am I the only one who wants to get pregnant the second after viewing a birth session gallery?! The miracle of life, there is nothing sweeter!!



It was nearly impossible narrowing down photos for this adorable family’s blog share because everything about their session was perfection. The outfits, the weather, the location, the good lookin’ parents and umm hello, that GORGEOUS baby!

Mila was full of smiles for her session, I captured sooo many gorgeous photos for this family! 8 months old and full of smiles and she was so so happy. I just adore her and everything about this sweet family session.

Such an honor when clients choose me as their family photographer – coming all the way from Plymouth to my favorite location to shoot golden hour sessions. I hope you all enjoy these images as much as I do!


I absolutely loved capturing this sweet little man and his big sister and parents in their ADORABLE Berkley home. It was so cute and full of character that I had to snap a photo. Plus, how cool will it be one day for Nolan to look back and see the home he first came home to?!

One thing I love so much about being a newborn lifestyle photographer is all these sweet details. It’s just the best! I had the honor of shooting maternity photos for this adorable family as well – truly love getting to know my clients!

Here are a few favorites from my time with Nolan and crew.facebook1facebook4facebook7facebook15facebook20facebook21facebook25facebook27facebook28facebook30facebook32facebook37facebook38facebook59facebook64facebook69facebook72facebook73facebook79facebook81facebook88facebook93


Where do I start. This gorgeous momma is a dear friend and was also a bridesmaid in my wedding. We met back in 2001 where we both worked at the time and hit it off quickly and have had countless Thai lunches together, chats and gone through the ups and downs of life together.

Rebecca had expressed to me in recent years her desire to be a mother. So when she told me the exciting news she had a little one on the way I was so happy for her. Her man Clayton almost didn’t come to the session you guys. Because you know, men seem to fight photos sometimes. But I told her he wasn’t allowed to not come and thankfully I got my way!

Let’s just say I’m glad he came along – the guy is photogenic! I was just dying over these two together and Rebecca’s perfect baby bump. It was truly an honor you chose me as your maternity photographer Rebecca, thank you! It’s always an honor.



I am head over heels in love with maternity sessions. It is such a special time in life that I wish more mothers documented. I feel maternity pictures are often skipped over because moms don’t feel beautiful. But man, it is such a beautiful time and I hope I get to photograph more pregnant mommas in 2017 because I just love these sessions so much. Every mom to be that I’ve photographed has truly been STUNNING. Like model material. Seriously. I mean look at her!

We had the craziest windiest day in late March (hey, I warned you in my last post I am WAY behind on blogging sessions!) for Eric and Lia’s maternity/family session but they were such troopers and we rolled with it. And I gotta say, some of the natural hair blown images I captured turned out to be my favorites!

Lia, you are seriously so gorgeous woman! Thank you guys for choosing Keri Harrison Photography to document this special time for you guys! Cannot wait to share their little guy’s newborn session soon, he’s the SWEETEST!



As a newborn photographer, it is so special to me when clients welcome me into their homes to capture this new little life that is about to change their world. It’s such a magical (ok and let’s be honest, exhausting) time. I made the switch from posed studio newborns to lifestyle newborn photography about two years ago and I have enjoyed the change so much. Both styles are such art but I am really enjoying capturing newborns in their own home. The home where they will most likely take their first steps in and say their first words.

I feel like when Henry’s parents look back at these photos 20 years from now – they will cherish them even more then they do now – because it will take them back to those very moments when Henry was brand new. The house they brought Henry home to. The nursery where momma nursed her baby and the rocking chair dad rocked his little guy to sleep. It’s what drew me to lifestyle newborn photography. I want Brandon & Jenny to look at these images and instantly remember life with Henry as a baby.

My goal as a newborn photographer is for my clients to never forget life as it once was….for my photographs to freeze time for them…so when time has passed and life has gone on and their once tiny Henry is now headed off to kindergarten…high school…college…they can look back and almost put themselves in these moments.

As a mom of five I know just how quickly time goes by. I can remember the day my oldest was born as if it were yesterday – and yet he will be nine next month. Even during the months and years of sleep deprivation that comes along with having babies and sometimes make the days feel all so long, it really goes by too quickly.

So while this post is long overdue (blogging has totally been on the back burner for me this past year – but hey it’s a new year people, new resolutions right?:)) I want to say thank you to Brandon & Jenny for welcoming me into their gorgeous home to capture this sweet time. Soak it all in. facebook4facebook6facebook7facebook11facebook16facebook24facebook28facebook35facebook37facebook38facebook45facebook46facebook48facebook50facebook53facebook59facebook61facebook62facebook63

My biggest inspiration in the Industry

As I’m sure you all know by now, Rachel Vanoven of Rachel Vanoven Photography is my favorite newborn and family photographer in the industry. Her work has always left me breathless! She makes her newborn work look effortless and let me tell you, it is NOT! I used to shoot posed newborn sessions when I had my studio and it takes a LOT of practice, patience and talent. Her work is always flawless. My dream was for Rachel to capture newborn photos of our sweet Brooklyn (who will be ONE in 3 days! Waaaa!).

I have Rachel’s awesome Family Workshop guide and am in her FB group for those who have purchased it and once our little lady arrived I posted in the group with a pic of my new princess and casually asked Rachel if she needed a beautiful newborn girl model for anything. I about passed out when she told me she was trying to think of a way to make it happen….and within an hour she said, “Let’s do this!!” and off to Indy I went a week or so later for my Brooklyn to be her very first newborn model for her awesome ‘Fly on the Wall’ workshops. It was truly a dream come true for me. I still can’t believe it!


Rachel is an amazing photographer and person. I just love her and am pretty much obsessed with all of her work. Her family work has always been my very favorite, her edits are just perfection and what I strive for my work to look like – with a bit of my own style mixed in too! So why the sappy post you ask??

Well, she JUST released her new updated RVP Family Guide (version two!) and I cannot recommend it enough! If you are a beginner photographer or maybe even a seasoned photographer, buy it!! I specialize in children and families and I am always eager to learn and grow in my work and her guide is an awesome tool to own!! You won’t be sorry. She is so giving of all her secrets and tips and it even includes videos of her shooting sessions, her editing process and more. Go buy it and come back and thank me later 😉

You can purchase it here: The Rachel Vanoven Family e-Workshop Guide 2

My dream (since she already fulfilled my other one by photographing my baby girl) is for her to capture my family. I know they would be photos I would cherish for the rest of my life. Everybody needs a little RVP hanging up on their walls, it’s a must!

Thank you Rachel for being such an inspiration to me in this industry. Your work truly is perfection in my eyes and it’s so wonderful to see such a talented photographer share her knowledge with us. THANK YOU for being awesome!!


The 7 words that changed my business

First off, hello! I’m Keri. If you don’t know me, I’m a lifestyle photographer based out of good ole’ Fenton, Michigan. I tell people ‘Metro Detroit’ or ‘Southeast Michigan’ since Fenton is a small town and most have never heard of such a place. I specialize in maternity, birth, newborn, children and family photography. I’ve been married almost 13 years to my best friend, Jeremy, and I’m the momma to five precious little ones, all under 9 years of age – along with one more peanut waiting for me in heaven.

I shoot Nikon and I’m a simpleton. One body and two prime lenses. That’s it yo. Yes, I dream about adding more gear to my collection and sometimes I like to fill my cart on B&H’s site with all my dream gear just for fun, but for now, you’ll see me shooting with a D750, paired with my Nikon 35 1.4g & Nikon 50 1.4g lenses. I also love tacos. Lots and lots of tacos. One day when I leave this world, I pray my last meal will be 3 crunchy beef and cheese tacos from a taco shop in San Diego, California….because that is where real good tacos live my friends, in case you were wondering.

So now that you know a little about me, let’s dive in to what this post is all about. Tacos. Only kidding. This past year has been a big year for me as photographer. Bucket list items were checked off my list you guys (ahem, meeting Rachel Vanoven of Rachel Vanoven Photography and having her photograph MY BABY and also meeting one of my other inspirations in the photography world, Sarah Hill, of Sarah Beth Photography. I met them both the same day and took selfies with them peeps, yes yes, be jealous. It was a good good day, and it even involved tacos. Cherry on top. My sweet baby girl was a baby model for Rachel’s first ‘Fly on the Wall’ workshop. It was truly amazing to not only have my baby photographed by thee best newborn photographer in the world (IMO, but come on, it’s true) but also get to hang out with her and see what a fabulous person she is.

There was something she said that day to the workshop girls that really stuck with me and made me think. It was a much needed light bulb moment for me as a photographer and it was those 7 simple words that changed my business. She said, *drumroll please*, “People invest in what’s important to them.”


It was really what I needed to hear but didn’t even know I needed to hear at the time. You see, I was wanting to make a change in my pricing but I was terrified. What if people tell me my work isn’t worth it? What if they tell me, “You’re crazy, I would never spend that on photos.” What if I don’t book a single session? What if? What if? What if? I would then think back to those 7 simple words she spoke that day. “People invest in what’s important to them.” When I thought about those words, I realized how true they really are and it gave me the push to make the changes I wanted to make.

I’m sure some people truly cannot afford my pricing, and I completely understand that and I do not take it personally, but I think if it is something that is important to you, you sacrifice other things to make it happen. Know what I mean? You want to go to Disney with your kids? Awesome! You save for it. You want your kids to have their own ipads? Awesome! You save for it. You make sacrifices in other ways so you can do those things you want to do. Maybe you don’t go out to eat as often, cut back on the mani’s and pedi’s, skip a week of golf, the list goes on and on…but you save because it’s something you value as important.

For me personally, photos have always been important to me… long before I was even a photographer. I’ve always loved documenting my life through photos and I love to scrapbook. Investing in family photos is important to me. In fact, this past November I booked one of my favorite photographers, Sarah Beth Photography, to capture my family this year. Our shoot is next month and we are even traveling over 5 hours for our session. I have been saving little by little for the last 9 months. I’ve been obsessing and planning outfits to make this session perfect, why? Because I’m investing in what’s important to me.

Having one of my favorite photographers capture these moments with my kids…their toothless smile, floppy blonde hair, and my baby’s thunder thighs are the moments I want to remember. Photographs freeze time. When my kids are grown, I know these photos will mean even more to me then. Looking at photos bring back memories, it takes you right back to that moment….and moments with my husband and kids are the ones I always want to go back to.

Those 7 simple words changed me. My perspective. My business. It was a breakthrough for me in many ways, a confidence builder I needed. I raised my prices and I don’t feel guilty about it anymore. I’ve worked really hard for the past six years to get here. I’ve invested in gear and tools to help me grow and get better. And most importantly, when I’m away shooting sessions, that’s time I’m away from my family. And that time is very precious to me and it has to be worth it to me.

So if you are a fellow photographer or small business owner, I encourage you to be confident in your talents. It really took me a long time to get there mentally. I would always feel bad about charging more money. Stop doing that! Your work is worth it! People will invest in what is important to them so don’t be offended if they don’t choose the service you provide. Be you. Be confident. And eat more tacos. That’s all folks.8D5A0356
(Photo Credit: Gracelyn Photography)


I know I say it time and time again, but I just love photographing births! There is just something so special when a family welcomes me into such an intimate time in their lives – the birth of their child! It’s so incredible – and I walk away from each birth feeling such a special bond with my birth clients. I’m always smiling from ear to ear (despite how sleep deprived I may be)-  and am continually amazed by the miracle of birth and the opportunity to have the best job in the world 🙂

Sooo when fellow photographer and super talented Trae of Devoted Knits reached out wanting to book me for her birth – I was beyond excited! Any professional newborn photographer knows of Devoted Knits, one of the very best vendors in the newborn photography industry providing bonnets, tiebacks and other knitted goodness to her customers! Be sure you check out ‘Devoted Knits‘ on Facebook to see her talent!

Daniel and Trae’s birth story was fast and furious! I received a call around midnight that they were on their way to the hospital and contractions just two minutes apart. Typically I wait until mom gets checked at the hospital to see what she’s dilated to before heading to the hospital but seeing as Trae planned to labor at home as long as possible – and knowing her contractions were just two minutes apart I decided I was going to head to the hospital to be safe. It was a good thing I did because 45 minutes after arriving dad came to get me and Trae was already dilated to 9! Within the next couple hours baby Scarlett was born! Mom went completely natural, drug-free and rocked it out! Daniel was by her side the whole time and was such an amazing support and was so calm and comforting. Thank you Daniel and Trae for choosing me as your birth photographer and for giving me the privilege to capture Scarlett’s birth story – it truly was an honor!

Welcome to the world Scarlett Jane! Born February 8th, 2016 – 6lbs 12oz, 19″.